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About BMAG

About Us

Established by experienced managers, Blue Marine Agencies Sarl (BMAG) is a company duly registered under the rules and regulations which are governed the law of the republic of Togo. A team of professionals with their vast experiences in shipping industry has come together and formed this organization to assist ships ‘owners, vessels ‘managers, charterers for any marine services needed once vessels arrive in Lome, Togo. We have the ability to listen to the client's requirements; we are raising our customer's satisfaction up to the maximum level by serving and supplying them with the maximum best time. BMAG is able to offer an unrivalled, cost effective level of service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to maximize customer value through world class service practices with an aim of emerging as a team of inspired performers in the business of maritime services we provide.

Our Vision

Our vision is to dominate locally and intentionally the shipping market as top maritime service company, thus making us the most reliable and efficient with an aim of becoming an household name in the Maritime industry.

Our Services

Blue Marine Agencies has main core competency is in ships agency service, but also extended its areas of operation to include allied activities related to shipping: Shipping and Protective Agents -Provision supply - Technical supply - Logistic services – Husbandry Services.

Provision Supply

Having good food for the ship crew is very important. Blue Marine Agencies always makes sure to supply the absolute highest quality and freshest foods available. Our years of experience in field of chandling bring us to provide wide range of options for food items to be used on ship. We offer a wide range of fresh, frozen and dry provision to meet the expectation of quality for cargo, navy, cruise, and offshore industries. Our awareness of all standards, strict hygiene rules at all level throughout the supply chain is implemented at every step.
Group of Products: Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables• Fresh Local Meat, Poultry, Seafood and fishes• Dairy Products, Cheese and Eggs• Pastries, Sweets and Desserts• Beef, Pork, Mutton Meat Cuts & Preserves• Frozen Fruits and vegetables• Ice Creams, Cakes and pastries• Condiments, Sauces & Spices• Rice,Flour, Grains and Pulses• Dried Fruits and Nuts• Milk and Milk Products• Canned Meat, Fish, Fruits &Vegetables• Oils and Fats. Juices, Soft Drinks, Beers and Wines• Assortment of Chocolates, Biscuits, Nuts and Chips, etc...

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Technical Supply

Blue Marine Agencies provides high quality products at competitive prices. We supply various qualities of cabin, deck and engine consumables and spare parts, suitable to the budget of all operators, managers and owners: Linens, Cleaning materials and products, Laundry products, Beddings, Cleaning materials and Products, Utensils & Cutleries, Gastronomy Bar & buffet wares, Lashing equipment, wires ropes & hawsers, Anchor, Chains, piping & fitting materials, Marine Paints & Chemicals, Lamps, Cables, Spare parts, Hoses, Couplings, Bearings, Electrical & Hydraulic Tools, Hand & cutting Tools, Steel & Metals, Lubricants & Cleaners, Packing & Jointing, Welding materials, and crew stores.

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Logistics Services

BMAG Logistic Department can cope with all custom formalities, clearance, warehousing, offloading and forwarding of ship parts and equipment. With our well Logistic Manager who is in the industry for years has a good relation with all authorities and will help us to solve quickly all negotiation with port, customs and any other relevant authorities. Efficient and prompt service playing a determinant role for the success of all deliveries without interfere the operation of your vessels.

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Husbandry Services

Blue Marine Agencies provide comprehensive husbandry services for vessels in port and at Lome Anchorage. Getting crew members safely to their ship can be a complex operation.Working around the clock our professional personnel will provide: Crew handling – meet & greet, hotel bookings, shore passes, travel arrangements, crew welfare – doctor, dentist, mail, and prepaid telephone calling cards.

As part of husbandry port services we can arrange immediate response for:
Spares clearance and delivery.
Delivery and repairs of fenders.
Fresh water supply.
Garbage and sludge /slops removal services.
Underwater survey and cleaning services.
Car rentals, ticketing and transfer services.
Life saving appliances and fire fighting equipment.
Arrangement of Annual service inspection.
Communication and Navigation equipment and servicing of these equipment.

Shipping and Protective Agents

• Shipping Agency
BMAG has been involved in the vessel agency services and are established as the fastest growing maritime service provider with a seasoned workforce committed to delivering efficient, timely, and professional services in line with regulatory safety practices.
As port vessel agents, we ensure our clients; charterers, cargo receivers and vessel owners are duly informed of berthing schedules. We are proud to provide a range of maritime services to our various customers where we serve as a key chain between charterers, cargo owners, ship owners and receivers. Additional services which BMAG can assist you:
Free Pratique/Entry & Outwards Clearance (documentation, pilotage, towage, stevedoring, supply and launch boats). Evaluation of the character agent’s proforma (PDA) of port costs • Negotiation of all costs therein, in order to achieve the best discounts possible • Real-time monitoring of port conditions/berthing prospects, in order to evaluate/ avoid prepaying overtime and/or holiday surcharges • Continuous monitoring of the vessel’s commercial operations while in port and provision of any assistance necessary • Thorough checking of the character agent’s final DA (FDA), and further negotiation/clarifications process, if so required.
BMAG is committed to satisfying your maritime needs and we are the best maritime service company.

• Protective Agency
BMAG act also as owners protective agents (OPA) with activities covering the interest of commercial/technical operators of the vessel. We check vessel line up, port situation and give information on cargo discharge readiness. Our services may also include acting as charterers’ nominated agent in terms of port activities, acting as ship owner agents. We efficiently handle owners’ matters such as Crew Replacement, Bunkers, Spares, Provision, Mail, CTM and other related matters.

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Why choose BMAG ?

  • Save time and money for your organization by focusing on more vital operations and let us support you on more routine operations such as supply of provisions and consumables.

  • Get the assurance that your fleet will be served on time, less the cost with quality services which will be requested by our customers.

  • Our clients will take the advantage of the best prices of products and services rendered to them whenever visited Lome for any operations.

  • Our availability to assist vessels 24/7 throughout the year with the best security services from Togo Navy.


We broad out various experiences in the maritime industry

With our vast experiences in the shipping industry, we remain focused on improving our delivery services locally and internationally. We are raising our customer's satisfaction up to the maximum level by serving and supplying them through the right channels. Blue Marine Agencies is your solution maker for all your supplies and technical supports. We are capable to handle your most exigent inquiries, covering all provisions, technical stores and giving assistance to all type of vessels at Lome port and anchorage.


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